International Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Numerical Simulation       ISSN Number: 1565-1339

Contents       Vol. 5    No. 2    2004

  • A Unitary Scheme Model to Calculation of the Nuclei with A=7 Using Effective Two Body Interactions S. B. Doma, A. F. M. El-Zebidy, M. A. Abdel-Khalik ------- 99

  • The Decomposition Method Applied to Solve High-order Linear Volterra-Fredholm Integro-differential Equations S. M. El-Sayed, D. Kaya, S. Zarea -------------- 105

  • Micro-Elastohydrodynamics lubrication of Point Contacts with Coexistence of Longitudinal and Transverse Roughness C. Gao, L. Cai, Q. Bi ------------------ 113

  • Physical Interpretations of the Numerical Instabilities in Diffusion Equations Via Statistical Thermodynamics M. Bigerelle , A. Iost -------------------------------121

  • Statistical and comparative studies for the observations of Helwan-SLR station M. Ibrahim, Y. S.Hanna, S.W.Samwel ------------------------------------------------ 135

  • Simulation of multicellular tumor growth using a nonlinear matter wave equation P.K. Biswas J.S.E. Germano------------------------------------------------------------ 149

  • A Probabilistic Method for Detecting Multivariate Extreme Outliers S. Jibrin ,I. S. Pressman ,M. Salibian-Barrera --------------------------------------------------- 157

  • Controlling and Synchronization of Rossler System with Uncertain Parameters Elmetwally M. Elabbasy ,Hamdy N. Agiza, Mohamed M. El-Dessoky----------- 171

  • Analyses of Factors Influencing Liquid Experiments in Microtubes Z.-h. Silber-Li, H.-h. Cui, Z. Xu,Y.-p. Tan, L.-d. Wang---------------------------------------------------- 183