International Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Numerical Simulation       ISSN Number: 1565-1339

Contents       Vol. 5    No. 4    2004

  • Experimental, Simulation and Nonlinear Dynamics of Galton's Board,
    A. D. Rosato,   D. Blackmore, L. Buckley, C. Oshman, M. Johnson -------------- 289

  • Chaotifying a Linear Time-Invariant System by the Decentralized State Feedback Controller and Sine Function,       J.-G. Lu ------------------------------------------ 313

  • Detecting Nonlinearity of Sunspot Number,       M.Lei, G. Meng ----------------- 321

  • The Solution of KdV and mKdV Equations Using Adomian Pade Approximation,
    T. A. Abassy, M. A. El-Tawil ,H. K. Saleh ------------------------------------------- 327

  • Screw Dislocation Interacting with Interfacial Edge-Cracks in Piezoelectric Bimaterial Strips,       X.-F. Wu, Y. A. Dzenis, B. D. Rinschen --------------------------------- 341

  • Edge-Cracked Orthotropic Bimaterial Butt Joint under Antiplane Singularity,
    X.-F. Wu, Y. A. Dzenis, E. Gokdag -------------------------------------------------- 347

  • Periodic Oscillatory Solution to Delayed BAM Neural Networks with Impulses,
    Z. Liu,A. Chen, L. Huang-------------------------------------------------------------- 355

  • Turnout Stability against Buckling,       M. Tomicic-Torlakovic ------------------- 363

  • An Algorithm for Solving Multi-Stage Decision Making Model with Multiple Fuzzy Goals based on Genetic Algorithms,
    M.S. Osman , M. A. Abo-Sinna, M.K. EL-Sayed------------------------------------- 371

  • Time-harmonic Dynamic Fundamental Solutions for Transversely Isotropic Magnetoelectroelastic Media under Anti-plane Deformation,
    D.-L. Ren, J.-X. Liu ------------------------------------------------------------------- 387

  • Partition Digraph for Location Area Management in Mobile Computing Environment
    J. Zhou, B.-Y. Tang, D.-M. Li--------------------------------------------------------- 393

  • Bifurcations of Smooth and Non-Smooth Travelling Wave Solutions of the Degasperis-Procesi Equation,       J. Shen, W.Xu ------------------------------------------------ 397

  • Contribution of Higher-order Nonlinearity to Nonlinear Dust Acoustic Solitary Waves in Two Ion Temperature Dusty Plasmas with Different Size Dust Grains,
    S. A. Elwakil, E. K. El-Shewy, R. Sabry --------------------------------------------- 403