International Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Numerical Simulation       ISSN Number: 1565-1339

Contents       Vol. 6    No. 1    2005

  • Preface
  • The Integer Multiple "Fold/homoclinic" Bursting Induced by Noise in the Chay Neuronal Model, Z. Yang, Q. Lu ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 1

  • Generation of Firing Rhythm Patterns and Synchronization in the Morris-Lecar Neuron Model, H. Wang , Q. Lu, Q. Wang --------------------------------------------------------- 7

  • Dynamical Bifurcation for a Predator-Prey Metapopulation Model with Delay,
    S. Ma, Q. Lu ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------13

  • Stochastic Synchronization and Aperiodic Stochastic Resonance of a Unidirectionally Coupled Single-mode Optical System, Y. Kang, J. Xu , W. Jin -------------------------19

  • Semi-Active Vibration Control for Wing Aileron Using Stepped Magneto-Rheological Damper, W. Sun, H. Hu ------------------------------------------------------------------- 25

  • Dynamic Buckling of a Nano-Wire of Crystal Copper L. Wang, H. Hu---------------- 31

  • Multi-Pulse Homoclinic Orbits and Chaotic Dynamics in Motion of Parametrically Excited Viscoelastic Moving Belt, M. Yao,W.Zhang ----------------------------------- 37

  • Analysis on Nonlinear Dynamics of a String-Beam Coupled System,
    D. Cao, W. Zhang -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 47

  • Research on Low-velocity Impact Response of Laminated Composite Plate with Multiple Delaminations, L. Chen, W.Zhang, Z. Yao ------------------------------------ 55

  • Classification and Computation of Non-resonant Double Hopf Bifurcations and Solutions in Delayed van der Pol-Duffing System, Y. Zhang, J. Xu ------------------- 63

  • An Electro-Mechanical Coupling Model of Magnetorheological Damper,
    C. Pan, S. Yang, Y. Shen ------------------------------------------------------------------ 69

  • Analysis of an Isolation System with Magnetorheological Damper,
    S.Guo, S.Yang,C. Pan,J.Guo--------------------------------------------------------------- 75

  • Bifurcations of a Generalized Camassa-Holm Equation, Z. Zhang, Q. Bi ------------- 81

  • Effect of Damage on Bifurcation and Chaos of Viscoelastic Plates,
    Y. Zheng, Y. Fu ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 87