International Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Numerical Simulation       ISSN Number: 1565-1339

CONTENTS         Vol.6    No.3      2005

    Anton Chekhov - Scientist, Poet and Environmental Nonlinear Dynamics
          M. S. El Naschie ------------------------------------------------------------------ 211
    Ballistic Impact Damage of Laminated Composite Penetrated by Cylindrical Rigid Projectile: A Finite Element Simulation
          B. Gu, H. Zhang ------------------------------------------------------------------ 215
    Complex Dynamics and the High-energy Regime of Quantum Field Theory
          E. Goldfain ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 223
    Equivalency and Locality in Nano-scale Measurement
          M. Hu , H. Wang, Y. Bai , M. Xia , F. Ke -------------------------------------- 235
    A Mathematical Model for Preparation by AC-Electrospinning Process
          J.H. He, Y.Wu, N.Pang ----------------------------------------------------------- 243
    Synchronization between two Chaotic Systems with Different Order by Using Active Control
          M.-C. Ho, Y.-C. Hung, I-M. Jiang ---------------------------------------------- 249
    An Incremental Theory for Response Analysis of MEMS Diaphragm with Initial Stress
          X. F. He, J. Zhang, Y. J. Wen and J. Fang ------------------------------------- 255
    A Gas Kinetic Algorithm for Flows in Microchannel
          Z.-H. Li, H.-X. Zhang , S. Fu, S. Zeng ------------------------------------------ 261
    Localization of Periodic Orbits of Polynomial Sprott Systems with One or Two Quadratic Monomials
          K. E. Starkov, L. Coria ----------------------------------------------------------- 271
    Angular Velocity Free Control Laws of a Rigid Body Motion Using Rotor System with Friction
          A. El-Gohary ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 279
    Linear Stability Analysis for Various Forms of One-dimensional Burnett Equations
          F.B. Bao, J.-Z. Lin ---------------------------------------------------------------- 295
    Adaptive Synchronization of a Four-Dimensional Chaotic System with Uncertain Parameters
          Ju H. Park ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 305
    Effects of Moment Arms on Spinal Stability Subjected to Follower Loads: A Finite Element Analysis Study
          Y. H. Kim, K. Kim, H. S. Kim --------------------------------------------------- 305
    Skin Thermal Injury Prediction with Strain Energy
          W. Shen, J. Zhang, F.Yang ------------------------------------------------------- 317

    Brief Note
    A Novel Approach to Fiber/Air Flow
          Y.-C. Zeng, H.-F. Guo, C.-W. Yu ------------------------------------------------ 329

    Book Review
    Introduction to the Calculus of Variations by Bernard Dacorogna
          Reviewed by J.H.He -------------------------------------------------------------- 278